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I just moved here from New York and they were so helpful in transferring my prescriptions. They are also very courteous and proficient. I do not like the BIG chain pharmacies and it was vey difficult to find a “mom & pop” pharmacy but I could not be happier that I found MAIN STREET PHARMACY Hancock Pharmacy! Thanks for everything.

Hancock Pharmacy
Address: 840 E Main St, Meriden, CT 06450, United States
Phone: +1 203-235-6323

I love this hyper-local pharmacy. Super personal – everyone knows my name when i come in for monthly pickups. They offer delivery, and are great about keeping current with doc’s orders for prescriptions, online sale of Provigil. I highly recommend this wonderful team. Across from the library on Main Street.

Wonderful experience working with the pharmacist this evening. My insurance is such that I have to use a specific pharmacy which was closed, so I had to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed. The pharmacist was concerned about the high cost and suggested I use Graeber’s HealthMart Pharmacy to save money. He walked me through how to go about it and really went above and beyond his job duties. His kindness and consideration were a welcomed surprise after a difficult few weeks.

Graeber’s HealthMart Pharmacy
Address: 172 W Main St, Meriden, CT 06451, United States
Phone: +1 203-235-4463

staff is very friendly and helpful they treat me with respect and courtesy… Always make me feel welcome and comfortable and fill prescriptions fast. Always handle any situation that arises quickly and have medications ready when promised..

My interaction was nothing but positive with Lisa. I was working to find a pharmacy that delivered. I had a patient with no way to get her prescription that was needed today. Lisa was very helpful. Cannot thank you enough for working with me for the wellbeing of the patient. Kudos to you!!!

This is the worst pharmacy I’ve ever seen. Fail to buy Provigil on time. Claim never receive requests although doctors are saying we’re sending requests numerous times. Failed to print receipts. Ignore you while you standing at the register and waiting for them and not nice overall. Disgrace…

I call Meriden Community Pharmacy and no picks up the phone. They never auto refilled my prescription so I had to end up paying when my prescription is free. I have not a clue what is going on but this is an ongoing problem with them. They don’t text me when my prescription is done anymore and my prescriptions take forever like days. One time it took a whole week. What I have been doing lately is just going there in person it’s not even worth calling cause they will not pick up the phone. I just go to the drive thru and see if my prescription is ready and it’s crazy because majority of the time it is ready they just don’t text me or pick up the phone.

Meriden Community Pharmacy
Address: 152 Colony St Unit #A, Meriden, CT 06451, United States
Phone: +1 203-634-3000

Great Service.Short Wait To Pick Up My Medicine.Free Delivery & Pick-Up.Very Helpful Advise.They Also Provide Pill Packs .
my grandmother never gets her pills on time she had to wait 2 days after her appointment will never recomend

Just went here for Provigil and booster shot. Got there before my appointment and checked in on my phone. Went to the pharmacy window and stood there for 15 minutes and no one came over or asked what I needed despite two different people behind the counter blatantly looking at me and knowing I was there. Walked out cause I’d rather not have people so careless give me my drugs and shot.

North Haven Pharmacy used to be the best. The previous pharmacists, Julie & David, left this pharmacy along with great support staff. This pharmacy has been a disaster ever since. Prescriptions are never ready. You have to wait days sometimes. You must go inside and insist they fill your prescriptions. Horrible prescription service. Mark is the best tech there! I really miss the way it used to be. Think again before you make this your “home base” pharmacy.

North Haven Pharmacy
Address: 278 Maple Ave, North Haven, CT 06473, United States
Phone: +1 203-239-2086

Today I went go pick up my Provigil by good price because i did online pick up order so I went go pack it up the lady in home drilivery said elk I hope he doesn’t come back while I was leaving with my order this how there employees act they act like they runing the game there has a former stop and shop employee I never said any thing I kept my moth but theses employees have grabage mouth this the reason why I had to leave that job that not right person have to do